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Commercial Beer Chillers

Shhhhh the secret is ice

It’s a sunny afternoon in downtown Brisbane and as we soak up the sun at our favourite bar or restaurant, there is a chance we have a refreshment in our hand. Whether our go to drink is a tantalizing minty Mojito, a smooth golden whiskey or a sweet pop of strawberry and lime cider, they all have one secret ingredient in common. An ingredient that is often overlooked but provides the cool essences of flavour that leaves our taste buds wanting more, what is this incredible ingredient you ask – ice is the answer. Ice, this simple yet sophisticated ingredient enhances the flavour of our favourite drinks. You may be surprised to discover that ice comes in a variety of designs and sizes, if utilised properly it can be the difference between just ordering another drink or ordering a mouth-watering beverage. The ice machine started out has a humble cube but has now been transformed into something spectacular; we now see spheres ice, crushed ice, exhibition ice, icicles, cold flakes, gourmet and crescent ice, just to name a few. So who helps create such a magnificent ingredient for Brisbane’s pub, clubs, and restaurants, well, the A2Z Commercial Refrigeration team play a small but crucial part.

The A2Z Commercial Refrigeration mechanics have 15 years trade experience in commercial refrigeration. The team understands the importance of ice as an elegant finish to some of our classic drinks. They are confident in repairing ice machines including brand such Brema, Ice-o-matic, Rinnai, Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, Scotsman and Stuart. The A2Z team hasn’t found an ice machine that has stumped them yet, although some have been a little chilly. Over the years the mechanics have gathered a wealth of knowledge about ice machines and would recommend the following ice machine maintenance tips:

  1. Replace ice machine water filter regularly
  2. Clean ice cooler frequently
  3. Check for the build up of brown slime (very scientific terminology)
  4. Check the temperature of the ice machine
  5. Place ice machine in a cool place
  6. Clean condenser coils

And if the above is too much of an overwhelming task, then the A2Z Commercial Refrigeration scheduled maintenance plans might be for you. They provide a range of maintenance packages to suit most commercial businesses with a variety of refrigeration equipment.

However, Brisbane’s restaurants, pubs and clubs, if your ice machine has decided to freeze over or stops making frozen gold, please don’t hesitate to call A2Z Commercial Refrigeration for all your ice machine repairs. They would hate to see the people of Brisbane missing out on this secret ingredient.