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Service and Maintenance

Here at A2Z Commercial Refrigeration we offer the best refrigeration service and maintenance in Brisbane and the surrounding areas. We have a fleet of mobile service vehicles ready to answer your call, whether you are a hotel, supermarket, restaurant, bar, club or any establishment that needs refrigeration, we can help.

Our offering includes refrigeration service, maintenance, emergency breakdowns and installation. We want to manage every aspect of your refrigeration service and maintenance and develop a strong and lasting customer relationship with you and your business. At A2Z we pride ourselves on building key relationships that mean we learn more about your business and can tailor our offering to your needs.

You already know that regular maintenance is a key aspect of keeping your refrigeration working smoothly and keeping your business going. This is why we offer regular service and maintenance for commercial refrigeration.

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Avoid commercial refrigeration breakdown with regular check-ups

Whether you are a bar, pub, club, florist or factor, refrigeration will be essential for your businesses day-to-day operation. You fear an overnight breakdown that might leave your business on its knees. This is why regular industrial refrigeration service and maintenance is so essential. If you catch issues early on, you can avoid breakdown in the future.

A2Z can professionally manage your service and maintenance, ensuring that you can sleep safe and sound in the knowledge that you will not need to call the fridge mechanic in the morning. We can service any business in Brisbane and surrounding areas, our mechanics are equipped with mobile servicing vehicles that allow us to come to you. Technicians will always have spare parts on them, which means we can solve your maintenance and service job immediately.

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Maintain and service your refrigeration regularly

You will want to book in regular professional service and maintenance check-ups of your refrigeration equipment, but you can also take steps to reduce the danger of breakage by ensuring you regularly clean and manage your refrigeration. Make sure to clean out the condenser coil with a soft brush to avoid the build up of dust and grime. You should be emptying your fridge or freezer regularly to clean out dirt and always checking the seals for signs of damage. Broken seals could mean a loss of temperature and product integrity, and an emergency call to the fridge mechanic.

A2Z refrigeration will maintain your refrigeration on a quarterly basis to avoid any serious issues later on down the line, and replace parts when needed. It’s essential to keep your refrigeration in good working order to avoid any potential health and safety issues. We want your customers and staff to feel safe working around your unit, and we understand that inspectors are always lurking. Choose to service your refrigeration regularly to keep your excellent health and safety record intact.

A2Z refrigeration has the know-how, experience and technique to complete your refrigeration service and maintenance promptly and with the best customer service on the market. If you want fast, professional and intelligent refrigeration service and maintenance, then give us a call!