Commercial and Industrial Cold Rooms

At A2Z we understand that your commercial cold rooms are an essential part of your business, and we want to help you install, maintain and repair them to the highest standards so that you can keep things running smoothly. When you have a fault or breakdown with your industrial cold rooms it can be a disaster. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency repair in Brisbane and surrounding areas, so you can rest assured that we have your back if things go wrong.

Whether you’re a pub, club, restaurant, hotel, butcher or any other business that relies on a commercial cold room, we’ve got you covered. We know that you need your cold room to keep products cold and safe to use, whether you store food, drink or any other product. You want your cold rooms to run perfectly.

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Find a local refrigeration specialist for your commercial cold rooms

A2Z Commercial Refrigeration is based in Brisbane’s Stafford, but we can reach you wherever you are in Brisbane and surrounding areas. Our technicians are local experts kitted out with mobile service vehicles, allowing us to provide our services anywhere in and around the city. Our mechanics really know what they’re doing. We can provide you with expert, friendly service for your industrial cold rooms wherever you are. And we stay ahead of the competition in terms of training and learning. We are constantly looking out for new techniques, tools, advice and parts for the highest quality repair and maintenance of your cold rooms. Let us maintain your industrial cold rooms on a quarterly or yearly basis and you’ll notice just how reliable they can be. Identifying issues with your cold rooms early can help you avoid breakages, leaks and electrical problems that could leave your business crippled. Our mechanics can make a huge difference to your operation, ensuring that you don’t have a break down the night before a big event. Simply book in regular check-ups from our honest and experienced mechanics and you can feel assured that your commercial cold rooms will always run smoothly.

Find the best technicians in the business

And you can rest assured knowing that our technicians are trained, experience and licensed. A2Z Commercial Refrigeration is licensed by the Australian Refrigeration Council. The ARC are responsible for ensuring that cold rooms are repaired to the highest standard to prevent any leakage of fluorocarbon refrigerant gas and help reduce the danger it poses to the ozone layer. The ARC provides consistent training and information to our technicians, so you will always receive the best and most qualified repair techniques for your industrial cold room.

We want to have the best customer relationships with all establishments we work with. We will not only repair and maintain your commercial cold rooms, but build a customer relationship that is lasting and beneficial for both you and us. If you want a company that understands your business, book A2Z Commercial Refrigeration today.

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