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Refrigeration Service and Repair

Here at A2Z we provide refrigeration service and repair for all your commercial refrigeration needs. We will endeavour to respond quickly with our emergency service, to give you prompt, professional and customer-service centred assistance with your refrigeration that it tailored to your business.

We are seasoned professionals and fully understand the necessity of refrigeration for each establishment we work with. Choose us if you want to feel safe in the knowledge that your refrigeration repair is in good hands

When your refrigeration breaks down it can be an absolute disaster. Keeping items cold or frozen is an essential part of your business and you can’t go a day without your refrigeration working smoothly. A breakdown could mean staff overtime to try and find a workaround, a huge loss of money paying for all of it and possible food and product waste as a result. Not to mention the possibility of losing customers as a result. No one likes to tell patrons that there is no flounder left because the upright fridge went on the fritz last night.

commercial refrigeration maintenance

We are here to help with your refrigeration service & repair

Luckily A2Z Commercial Refrigeration have the experience and know-how to handle refrigeration service job. Whether you are a restaurant, supermarket, factory, florist, butcher, baker or bar, we can bring years of expertise and local knowledge to the work bench and sort your refrigeration service in no time. We understand that each establishment has a different approach and different needs, and we will always provide the best experience for your individual requirements.

Our mechanics know exactly what to do with each unit. We can handle any size and any variation of refrigeration repair. Whether you are using display fridges, bar fridges, beer coolers, water coolers, cold rooms, commercial cold storage, industrial freezers or anything in between. The chances are high that our seasoned technicians have dealt with a similar refrigeration service job before and they will jump on the job with deft expertise.


Choose a local refrigeration service and repair company

A2Z Commercial Refrigeration services Brisbane and the surrounding areas. Our mechanics have mobile servicing vehicles and can reach you wherever your business may be. We will bring along spare parts to increase the chance of the refrigeration repair job being solved then and there. We won’t cut any corners, this is why we offer a 12-month spare part guarantee for any new parts we install, meaning that we will replace any new part if it breaks down within 12 months.

Why refrigeration service is so important

We can examine and maintain your refrigeration on a quarterly basis to avoid any serious issues later on down the line, and replace parts when needed. It’s essential to keep your refrigeration in good working order to avoid any potential health and safety issues. We want your customers and staff to feel safe working around your unit, and we understand that inspectors are always lurking. Choose to service your refrigeration regularly to keep your excellent health and safety record intact.

A2Z refrigeration has the know-how, experience and technique to complete your refrigeration service and maintenance promptly and with the best customer service on the market. If you want fast, professional and intelligent refrigeration service and maintenance, then give us a call!