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Brisbane’s Commercial Refrigeration recipe for beating the winter blues!

Preparing your business…

Preparation is key when avoiding commercial refrigeration breakdowns. Autumn and winter months are the best time for Brisbane cafes, restaurants and pub to organise a scheduled maintenance service. Summer has been and gone and no doubt your refrigeration was working hard keeping your products cool and at the perfect temperature. Now summer is over, your refrigeration is less stressed…like our friend above.

By following these three simple steps your business can health check its refrigeration.

Step 1. Check the condenser filter. Filters can be washed with water, If no filter fitted and the condenser coil is dirty, use a stiff brush to removed dust.

Step 2. Check the door seals are sealing. Make sure there are no air leaks, poor seals increase work load on the refrigeration and power cost sky rocket.

Step 3. Test the temperature with calibrated thermometer. Keep a log book of your recordings.

If your refrigeration is unhealthy it may be time for a service, contact A2Z to book a service call.