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Spring-cleaning for your commercial refrigeration equipment

How to prepare your business…

Brisbane businesses, this week we have seen the first of many hot days. Therefore, this is the perfect time to spring-clean your commercial refrigeration equipment. All different types of commercial refrigeration require basic maintenance including freezers, walk-in cool rooms, fridges or ice machines (check out our ice machine blog post for further maintenance tips). It is recommended that refrigeration maintenance be completed on a monthly schedule. Below are some simple but effective refrigeration maintenance check which any bar, restaurant, café or pub could undertake to ensure the longevity of their commercial refrigeration equipment.

Note: Before undertaking basic maintenance please wear heavy duty gloves, safety glasses, and a face mask. Switch off the power supply before cleaning refrigeration units

By following these three simple steps your business can health check its refrigeration.

Check door gaskets (seals) 
Door gaskets are designed to keep the warm air out and the cool air in, this is vital for your refrigeration equipment to work effectively.Slowly check door seals for any tears or damage.Make sure gaskets seal efficiently.Gently clean door seals with warm soapy water to remove food particles. If small food debris isn’t removed it sometimes can cause the seal to corrode due to the food particles containing acid.Note: If using chemicals to clean check the label to ensure they don’t react with rubber, stainless steel or aluminum.

Check drain line outlet 
Ensure the drain is working by viewing the exit of the drain, most cases this is under the cabinet.Check inside the case that no water is backing up into the cabinet.Some drains can be removed and flushed but some may need to be blown out with air to remove blockages.

Clean condenser coil 
Inspect the condenser coilsUse a brush and gently remove food particles and dust following the direction of the coils. Note: take special care not to bend or damage the coilsUsing a vacuum cleaner can also be effective for dust and food removal. The use of a vacuum cleaner can also eliminate coils from being damaged.

At A2Z Commercial Refrigeration, we understand the time restraints that restaurants, pubs, cafes, and taverns encounter, this is where a refrigeration expert steps in to ease that stress. A2Z offers a range of affordable scheduled maintenance packages, which covers the basics but also inspects the refrigeration systems as a whole, including control settings, equipment testing and providing the customer with a comprehensive condition and information report. Regularly scheduled maintenance allows your refrigeration unit to operate efficiently and prevent premature breakdowns.

Benefits of regular maintenance

Regular maintance of commercial refrigeration provides a number of benefits. Firstly maintenance extends the life of the refrigeration unit and reduces failure of system parts e.g compressor or capillary breakdown, thus preventing costly breakdowns. Secondly, it can lower the power comsuption cost, through door seals effectively working to ensure the refrigeration unit doesn’t over work to keep products inside cool. Finally, maintenance ensures the high standard of hygiene for the food kept inside the refrigeration unit, avoiding the growth of mold and other nasty baterica.