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flower coldroom

Florists Cold Rooms

Its Wedding Season

Spring is in full bloom and wedding season is fast approaching, a quince essential part of every wedding are the FLOWERS, glorious, bright flowers. This makes it the busiest time of year for florists and to avoid a bridezilla meltdown it is crucial to deliver the perfect colourful bouquet and lush green table pieces. Greg and the A2Z team have some useful tip to minimise your commercial cold room from breaking down.

Tip 1. Maintenance – Maintaining your refrigeration is easy, the condenser or radiator needs to be brushed down or blown out every 3 months, if not critical failure is highly likely. This simple task of cleaning the condenser coils also reduces running costs.

Tip 2. Regular Inspections – Recommend having an A2Z expert inspect your refrigeration at least every 12 months. We can spot issue’s before they become costly breakdowns.

Tip 3. Temperature Testing – Keep a record of your cold room temperatures in a daily diary. This allows you to intervene early and identify there may be a problem, this could save your stock and prevent refrigeration systems becoming damaged further.

However if disaster strikes and your cold room fails, A2Z Commercial Refrigeration can provide a prompt response in your time of need, ensuring minimal loss of stock and productivity.

At A2Z Commercial Refrigeration we know all to well about “Happy wife, happy life”.