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Refrigeration Monitoring – Internet of things

We have eyes in the back of our heads

Digital technology is at the forefront of most businesses and the maintenance systems for commercial refrigeration is no different. Recent developments in digital technology has paved the way for significant advances and improvement for commercial refrigeration maintenance systems. Gregory and the Brisbane based A2Z Commercial Refrigeration team are here to explain, how new technologies can save you thousands of dollars in lost products and productivities.

Introducing “Frigbot” this gadget might by mini in size but it’s huge in delivering results. The Frigbot works simply by plugging the gadget into your commercial refrigeration and connecting it to your phone. This system allows you constantly check your commercial fridges temperature while alerting you if it detects any system failures. If this sounds all to technical for you the A2Z commercial refrigeration team are to happy to do the installation and monitoring for you.

The future of refrigeration has started with Samsung smart home Refrigerator by placing sensors and cameras inside for those forgetful minds. Gone are those frustrating days when you had to ring home, to see if you need milk. Now all you need to do is connect to your phone to see inside your fridge. Genius! Now all we need is a kitchen appliance that makes dinner for us.

The digital technology era has only just begun for refrigeration and the A2Z commercial refrigeration team are excited about the endless possibilities for your business.