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ir33 controller

Mechanical Thermostats vs Digital Thermostats

Mechanical Thermostats and Defrost controllers, 3 reason you should upgrade to digital.

Reason 1 – Energy Savings – Refrigeration equipment is one of the biggest users of electricity in the world and that’s when it’s operating normally. When refrigeration is controlled by old technology eg. Mechanical thermostats, defrost timers and analogue thermometers your equipment is operating inefficiently. Why? They don’t control temperature accurately where digital controls temperature with 0.1 of a degree. Over defrosting or under defrosting, causing high product temps or icing up of the evaporator and most dial thermometer are measuring the product temp incorrectly due to being fitted next to the door, so the user can see it. Electronic Digital Controls use temperature sensors which can be fitted anywhere and are placed in the best position to measure the product temp, operating the refrigeration compressor only when required.

Reason 2 – Cost – Fitting mechanical controls to a new refrigeration system would be like going back in time, it just doesn’t happen and these days it’s roughly the same price as digital. Often on older refrigeration equipment mechanical controls fault and are replaced like for like. Now we don’t replace our iPhone 4 for an iPhone 4 when there’s an iPhone 6 out so why are we doing this to refrigeration, for the few extra dollars up front it’s worth the saving in the future, let’s move with the technology.

Reason 3 – 3 in 1 – Thermostat, Defrost Timer and Thermometer all jammed into one small digital controller. These controllers, control the temperature, show you the temperature and control the defrosts. They are fully programmable to suit every application possible and come in many brands, A2Z use’s leading brand Carel and Dixell controllers in our application and upgrades.