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Difference between domestic and commercial fridges.

Is my refrigerator domestic or commercial? What to look for and what does it mean.

The fridge in our homes is considered a domestic fridge, even if it has an ice maker on the front. Kelvinator, Samsung, Fisher and Paykel are some of the major brands of domestic fridges with brands like Skope, Williams, Orford, F.E.D or Bromic in the commercial range.

The cost of domestic vs commercial fridge is quite considerable. Why? The parts used to build the commercial refrigerator are quality well known parts and domestic refrigerators are designed without some parts like evaporator or condenser fan motors and electronic thermostats.

So how can a domestic fridge have less parts than a commercial fridge and work the same? Well they don’t quite work the same do they? How often does the door on our home fridge get opened? Not near as much as a commercial fridge, so the equipment to do the job needs to be much larger.

The construction of the domestic refrigerator and the commercial refrigerator is the easiest way knowing if it’s domestic or commercial. If it looks like the fridge in your home it’s a domestic.

A2Z is commercial refrigeration company that does not service or repair domestic fridges. Most times they are unrepairable or not financially feasible to repair as replacement cost of the fridge would generally be less than repair.