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dirty condenser

Commercial Refrigerator Service

Is your refrigerator trying to talk to you, turn off everything but the fridges and listen

Hear that! We have identified that most cafes and restaurants in Brisbane require more maintenance of refrigeration equipment due to the environment they operate in. No doubt you can hear them rattling and squealing for your attention. The main reason behind commercial refrigeration breakdowns is a lack of maintenance, and they are switched on and left to destruct. To reduce the risk of your equipment running hot, leaking water or making unfamiliar noises, the A2Z Refrigeration team can perform scheduled maintenance. We are commercial refrigeration maintenance specialists. There’s no call out fees for this, it’s done on our schedule, this could save you thousands.

What can you do for your refrigeration?

Condensers…. Dirty, Dirty Condensers! This is the main problem why commercial refrigeration faults. This can be prevented by you. It’s the radiator looking thing attached to the fridge, its the thing that’s covered in dust. Just brushing this condenser coil can save you money in power and save you a visit from the fridge mechanic. Sure there is a point where A2Z will need to be of service, you should book a maintenance call at least once a year for your refrigeration and keep it healthy. Here is a great instructional video from skope on how to clean your condenser.