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condensing units

Refrigeration Service

With summer just around the corner its time to make sure your refrigeration systems are operating to their full capacity. If your refrigeration unit is struggling to maintain temperature, making unfamiliar noises or leaking water, a breakdown of your refrigeration equipment is imminent. Having A2Z in your corner to ensure your commercial refrigeration is kept at its best enables your business to operate to its full potential. Summer is our busiest time due to refrigeration not being maintained, book A2Z in for a service before the summer hits and be a head of the game.

Things we do and look for when servicing refrigeration

  • Water Leaks inside and outside the cabinet or cold room
  • Gas leaks and making sure the gas is full
  • Fans making squealing noises
  • Pipes rattling against each other causing gas leaks
  • Efficiency testing the system
  • Making sure all electrical connections are safe and tight
  • Blocked condenser coils
  • Document all problems or potential problems

Give Greg at A2Z a call for more information or to book in a service call and leave your refrigeration in the hands of Brisbane’s commercial refrigeration specialists. Let’s beat the heat!