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Gas Leaks, A band-aid won’t fix it!

Refrigeration Gas Leaks

Has your refrigeration mechanic ever told you, your commercial fridge just needs regassing? Have they suggested you ‘used’ all the gas or the gas has ‘gone off’?

Well, my friends, you have been lied to! Keep reading to discover why band-aids can’t fix everything.

So what is refrigerant gas and how does it work in your commercial fridge? There are many different types of gas. However, R134a and R404a are now the most common in commercial refrigeration. A well maintained commercial fridge or refrigeration system could operate it’s entire life without ever needing gas added. The gas in a commercial refrigeration system is used over and over again, and it NEVER RUNS OUT! Unless, you have a leak! Refrigerants (gas) sole purpose is to absorb heat inside the fridge from the evaporator and expel the heat outside through the condenser. This process is called heat exchanging. Simple right!

So if your fridge mechanic keeps adding gas to your fridge and you think that’s normal, IT’S NOT. This is a band-aid fix for an underlying gas leak problem. Gas leaks are very common in commercial refrigeration and need to be repaired properly to stop on-going repair costs, breakdowns, loss of stock and environmental damage.

Gregory and his team from A2Z Commercial Refrigeration in Brisbane can help if your commercial refrigeration is consistently costing your business money. He stated that “adding gas to the system regularly might seem like the cheaper option at the time but can add up quickly, with call outs for breakdowns and excessive power bills due to the refrigeration working longer and harder.”

So, rather than covering up with a band-aid, finding and fixing these mystery gas leaks is the answer to getting the best out of your commercial refrigeration. The team at A2Z have fine tuned their skills to find these nasty leaks. With years of experience, extensive research and testing they discover that “many missed gas leaks are often found in the evaporator of a refrigeration system, and this is due to the quality of materials used to build the evaporator mixed with food acids eating away at the copper pipes from inside the cold space.”

So before you allow your refrigeration mechanic to add more gas maybe asking if they have found the source of the leak, otherwise they might be visiting you on a monthly basis.