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Cold Room Installation Fortitude Valley; Cold Room Repairs Fortitude Valley

You might be surprised by how many different businesses in the Fortitude Valley area need a working cold room. We tend to think of cold rooms as being exclusive to large industrial spaces and horror movie sets, but the reality is that a wide variety of commercial ventures use a cold room to keep their products fresh, from restaurants and pubs to hotels, butchers, and supermarkets. Of course, if you run a business like that, this should be no surprise to you. You probably already have a working cold room in which to store your perishable goods—right?

If you don’t, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Keeping large quantities of perishable meats, fruits, and other items on site allows you to be vastly more efficient than businesses with limited cold storage, who rely on one or two large refrigerators and therefore need to receive smaller shipments more often to remain fully stocked with fresh product on a continuous basis. You can save yourself a lot of work, time, and money by installing and maintaining a cold room on site, but it’s important that you call the right company for this kind of work. Cold room installation in Fortitude Valley needs to be taken care of by experienced professionals, not just any contractor with a toolkit.

That’s what makes A2Z Commercial Refrigeration a reliable choice. Greg, our owner, has over 15 years of experience in the refrigeration and cold storage industry, having worked for some of the world’s largest supermarket chains. We provide a broad range of refrigeration services to the greater city of Brisbane, including cold room installation and cold room repairs in the Fortitude Valley region. Choosing A2Z Commercial Refrigeration to set up your cold room and provide maintenance for it gives you a reliable way to keep as much of your stock as possible fresh and ready to use whenever you need it.

Cold Room Installation in Fortitude Valley Made Easy

There’s no point in getting a cold room from a company that won’t use the very best tools and techniques to install it. That’s why A2Z Commercial Refrigeration goes out of our way to make installation as smooth a process as we can, with technicians who use state of the art equipment and a 12-month warranty on all new parts. We also pride ourselves on effective customer relations, so that our clients can always be sure they’re dealing with a company that understands the needs of their business.

A Convenient Option for Maintenance and Repairs

Good installation is important, but so are regularly scheduled maintenance and quality repairs. After all, even the best technology needs regular maintenance. Fortunately, A2Z provides the same quality for our repair services that we do for our installations. We fully stock our service vehicles with spare parts, and we even offer a 24/7 breakdown service for those jobs that just can’t wait. Whether you’re looking for a new cold room or a way to get your existing one up and running again, A2Z Commercial Refrigeration has the answer.

Coldroom Installations Brisbane

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