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Cold Room Experts: Count on A2Z Commercial Refrigeration for Your Cold Room Installations, Repairs, and Inspections in Paddington

For businesses in need of commercial food storage—from pubs and restaurants to supermarkets and butcher shops—cold rooms are a major luxury. With an operational walk-in cold room, you can vastly expand your business’s food or beverage storage capacity. You will spend a good deal less storing goods in a walk-in cold room than you would in, say, an under-counter refrigeration unit. There is also just a convenience that comes with being able to walk into a refrigerator, unload heavy goods, search for specific items or keep track of your inventory. In short, cold rooms are a major boon for businesses in the food service industry.

A2Z Commercial Refrigeration: Your Experts on Cold Room Installation in Paddington

If you have been thinking about investing in a cold room for your restaurant, pub, supermarket, butcher shop, café or bakery, give us a call at A2Z Commercial Refrigeration. We can perform full cold room installations in Paddington and are generally among the Brisbane area’s foremost authorities on cold room technology. We can help you pick out the right cold room design and equipment for your purposes. We can help you choose the right spot on your premises to add the cold room. We can even take care of the entire installation process.

Our expertise on cold rooms doesn’t stop at installations, either. On the contrary, when we work with a company for a cold room installation in Paddington, we want to make sure our installation continues to serve that business well for years and years. We are not in the business of planned obsolescence. Instead, we work to design ongoing maintenance programs with our clients, to make sure that their cold rooms continue to operate at full levels of performance and efficiency for years to come.

These ongoing cold room repairs in Paddington can do a lot to help a business like yours get the most out of their investment. We can also help you to upgrade your cold room with the latest technology and equipment after it has been in service for ten years or more. These upgrades expand the life of the installation even further, maximising your return on investment.

Call A2Z with All Cold Room Needs

Whether you are looking for advice, installation, upgrade or repair, if you have a question related to cold rooms, then A2Z Commercial Refrigeration is the right company to ask. Give us a call today to discuss your cold room queries or concerns. If your existing cold room is failing or dipping in performance, we can find the faults and fix them on the very same day. If you need a new cold room or would like to update the equipment in an existing one, we can work with you to plan those projects so that you get just what you need.

To discuss your cold room installations or repairs in Paddington, dial 07 3319 1516 today.

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