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We have eyes in the back of our heads - Published By Greg Hickey

Digital technology is at the forefront of most businesses and the maintenance systems for commercial refrigeration is no different. Recent developments in digital technology has paved the way for significant advances and improvement for commercial refrigeration maintenance systems. Gregory and the Brisbane based A2Z Commercial Refrigeration team are here to explain, how new technologies can save you thousands of dollars in lost products and productivities. ....continue

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The Winter Blues

Preparation is key when avoiding commercial refrigeration breakdowns. Autumn and winter months are the best time for Brisbane cafes, restaurants and ....continue

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What commercial refrigeration is best for your business?

Commercial fridges and freezers are the backbones of any successful restaurant, you could have the world’s best chef, but without produce, due to incorrect ....continue

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electronic gauges

Embracing the new era of commercial refrigeration tools.

Electronic Refrigeration Gauges, they way to the future. Most probably one the biggest changes in the refrigeration toolbox. Stop talking in pressures and welcome ....continue

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florist cold room

Its Wedding Season...

Spring is in full bloom and wedding season is fast approaching, a quince essential part of every wedding are the FLOWERS, glorious, bright ....continue

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refrigeration van

Looking for a fridge mechanic in Brisbane

A2Z has been servicing Brisbane's commercial refrigeration equipment for years, and many more years to come, Greg from A2Z has over 15 years experience in the ....continue

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Gas Leaks, A band-aid won’t do!

Has your refrigeration mechanic ever told you, your commercial fridge just needs regassing? Have they suggested you ‘used’ all the gas or the gas has ‘gone off’?....continue

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Refrigeration Terminology

Wondering what the long list of parts on your invoice all about? A2Z has added a list of refrigeration terminology to help customers understand the parts used in refrigeration ....continue

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dirty condenser

Is your refrigerator trying to talk to you?

Hear that! We have identified that most cafes and restaurants in Brisbane require more maintenance of refrigeration equipment due to the environment ....continue

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Difference between domestic and commercial fridges.

The fridge in our homes is considered a domestic fridge, even if it has an ice maker on the front. Kelvinator, Samsung, Fisher and Paykel are some of ....continue

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Summer is coming...

With summer just around the corner its time to make sure your refrigeration systems are operating to their full capacity. If your refrigeration unit is struggling to maintain temperature ....continue

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Mechanical Thermostats vs Digital Thermostats.

Refrigeration equipment is one of the biggest users of electricity in the world and that’s when it’s operating normally. When refrigeration is controlled by ....continue

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